What happens when somebody finally gets their first puppy at sixty and has no practical skills or experiences to prepare for the event? The author, after a lot of careful thought and consideration that managed to overlook several important factors, actually put himself in just that position when he fulfilled his life-long dream to have a puppy of his own. Thus he sets out on a touching, often funny journey of self-discovery and encounters some unexpected stops and starts along the way.

The entire cast of characters, which includes the author, his wife Kathy, Jasper, Buck and Sadie Cat manage to work together until ultimately their house begins to take form as a place that is truly a home. The narrative immediately grabs your attention and it is held throughout by a unique blend of humor, humanity and wisdom. Read more

From the Foreword

No dogs were inured or died during the writing of this book.  In the interest of full disclosure though, it must be noted during that time span each dog had several accidents in the house due to a lapse in proper toilet habits.  Sombody also got sick on the rug twice and experience with the evidence in such matters exempts the cat as the culprit.  As of yet, no canine has been charged with the crimes.

Excerpt from the Book

My parents would not allow me to have a dog when I was a kid. Their reasoning was that a rented apartment on the fourth floor of a five story Bronx walkup, combined with my tender age and all that concrete and traffic lurking below would doom the whole puppy venture to failure. Read more

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