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2010 - New Release

Jasper's Person: A Guy and His Dog

is released by author Stephen Garger

“slightly wall-eyed, hyper, darn near ugly chocolate dapple dachshund named Jasper.”

Life in a five-story Bronx walkup doesn’t mesh well with having a dog. At least, that’s what the author’s parents continually told him when he was growing up. In fact, Stephen Garger didn’t get a puppy until he had retired from his career in Education. The puppy – who chose the author, not the other way around – is a “slightly wall-eyed, hyper, darn near ugly chocolate dapple dachshund named Jasper.” Little does Garger suspect how this persistent pup will enrich his life.

In Jasper’s Person, the author shares an honest and often humorous journey of discovery into the world of dogs. As Garger comes to appreciate their ability to live in the moment, he begins playing more and worrying less by rediscovering his little boy side. In the process he finds out something about himself and the notion of family. Life seems just a bit sweeter and more relaxed by the end of this touching tale.

Author Stephen Garger is a staff correspondent for Knife World, a regular contributor to Blade magazine, and co-author of Marching to Different Drummers, a bestselling book about learning. He and his wife, Kathy, live in Spokane, Washington.

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Jasper’s Person: A Guy and His Dog
Stephen Garger
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ISBN: 978-160844-753-4
80 pages

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What happens when somebody finally gets their first puppy at sixty and has no practical skills or experiences to prepare for the event? The author, after a lot of careful thought and consideration that managed to overlook several important factors, actually put himself in just that position when he fulfilled his life-long dream to have a puppy of his own. Thus he sets out on a touching, often funny journey of self-discovery and encounters some unexpected stops and starts along the way.

The entire cast of characters, which includes the author, his wife Kathy, Jasper, Buck and Sadie Cat manage to work together until ultimately their house begins to take form as a place that is truly a home. The narrative immediately grabs your attention and it is held throughout by a unique blend of humor, humanity and wisdom. The author’s eye for detail is balanced with a larger perspective about dogs, their human friends and their complex relationships. Tips about selecting and early training of a puppy are also woven into the story and to good effect.

The tale about how they learn to understand one another through the process will capture the heart of the reader and call to mind the phrase: “Be the person your dog thinks you are.” In the end Jasper’s Person is really a story about family.